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How to dress for your body shape

Understanding your body type helps with choosing clothes and your style too. That matches best with your body proportions) and enhances your looks for an even better-looking silhouette. Length and size do not determine your body type, the body parts do. we need to dig into these details. Analyzing and styling body shapes 1.Angular (Rectangle, […]

Everything you should know about Coconut oil before buying

Hi Loves, it’s Noha. I Shared with you my beauty DIY remedies and masks and how to naturally have a youthful skin, and honestly the secret is coconut oil. yes coconut oil is a very important product I use for moisturizing and taking care of my skin, this post is to guide everyone to know […]

Outfits to wear after quarantine this summer

Hi loves, hopefully quarantine is ending soon and the one thing we totally ignored during this period is our wardrobe. Last thing We remember wearing was our winter clothes as we hardly touched our spring outfits, now suddenly we’re gonna be wearing our summer clothes! So we definitely needed a wardrobe clean out, if you […]

DIY Easy Beauty Masks You Need For a youthful glowing skin

Hello loves, hope you’re staying home and staying positivE, the best thing about quarantine is that you have the time to do your own DIY beauty masks and as promised on my last my quarantine life blog I’m sharing with you my DIY beauty masks I swear by for a youthful, glowing skin you can […]

My quarantine life

Hi loves, it’s Noha. Everyday I try to focus and figure out what to write but I couldn’t pick something interesting during quarantine. Just like everyone Fashion bloggers and influencers will never be the same during this pandemic period! We’re struggling with the content. So if you’re not making tiktok videos, cooking, working out, redecorating […]

The latest Spring color trends to wear in 2020

If you followed the S/S fashion month, you’ll see an explosion of shades on the spring runways, al the beautiful colors are so in this season. Designers played around with both pastel and highly saturated takes on the hues, so based on your character and mood you’ll find the color that suits you From bold […]

Spring 2020 styles and trends you need RN.

While we’re featuring our last cold waves ( crossing fingers), we’re looking forward to start transitioning our wardrobe into the warm Spring weather pieces, after digging into all this season trends and styles, I listed my favorite wearable styles. Will state quickly some of the trends but I’m writing details about the ones I liked […]

Outfit ideas to wear on Valentines day

Valentine’s Day is just like New Year’s Eve , you’re stressed over all the details, where to go, what to wear and what to do! You should relax and enjoy yourself even if you don’t have plans you can stay in and watch a nice movie in bed! I can help you with some Valentine’s Day […]

Jade Roller vs Gua Sha technique for a youthful healthy skin

I tried both Jade rollers and Gua Sha after I heard and read that they are really important tools for a healthy youthful skin, though it’s confusing which is better to use, I searched a lot and found people leaning more toward Gua Sha (over jade rolling) because it’s more versatile and achieves the results […]