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Essential summer vacation outfits

Hi loves, it’s Noha! Since Summer has finally arrived but with COVID-19 it seemed a little different, but so far things are getting better in my country and we’re finally able to travel again after almost a season quarantining at home, thankfully life has started to be slightly normal! As it’s very hot in the […]

Ramadan Outfit Ideas

The Holy Month of Ramadan is a time for both spirituality and celebration within the whole month of prayer and fasting, catching up with your friends and families, enjoying iftar & suhoor gatherings.  Ramadan has it’s unique style how to dress modestly and still look fashionable  Here are some Ramadan wardrobe staples to wear for Ramadan social events and gatherings and […]

Outfit ideas to wear on Valentine’s day

Valentine’s Day is just like New Year’s Eve , you’re stressed over all the details, where to go, what to wear and what to do! You should relax and enjoy yourself even if you don’t have plans you can stay in and watch a nice movie in bed! I can help you with some Valentine’s Day […]

Winter coats you need in the wardrobe

It’s officially cold outside, don’t apologize for what you wear when you are cold and invest in your winter coats as they can transform your winter outfit as they are winter essentials. Here are list of my favorite coats to wear this season. Trench Coat A trench coat is an must have staple in your […]

Fashion rules you should break

Since forever we’ve been following too many unreasonable fashion rules and some rules were made to be broken and it’s time to break some and enjoy styling our outfits freely. Athleisure outfits can only be worn to the gym Now we see the atheisure trend everywhere we go and the athleisure trend isn’t going anywhere.. […]

Wearable Fall Trends to Know and buy

Hi loves, It’s Noha. The second best thing about September ( beside that it’s my birthday month) and also is Fashion month, the best designers competing to own the runway with their head turning pieces from New York to London, Paris, and Milan. After quarantining for a whole season right after last Spring Summer 2020 […]

Transition Your Summer Wardrobe to Fall Clothing.

  The sad news is that summer is almost over, but the good news is that fall is always filled with many ideas and options like layers for us to create many styles and different looks. Sweaters, boots, blazers and jackets long and short dresses from office to streetstyle These are the main staples you […]

How to wear and mix colors like a pro

Many people stick to basic colors like black, white, and gray and camel, because it’s always safe and you can never go wrong with these colors. But fear not! I’m helping you to master color mixing which is, the art of matching different hues in an outfit to help you stand out. Monochromatic You can […]

How to dress for your body shape

Understanding your body type helps with choosing clothes and style that matches best with your body proportions and enhances your looks for an even better-looking silhouette. Length and size do not determine your body type, the body parts do. we need to dig into these details. Analyzing and styling body shapes 1.Angular (Rectangle, inverted Triangle […]

How to look expensive part 2

Hey loves, I’m back with part 2! Before I wrote about styling your outfits to look more sophisticated and expensive and here is part two, as there are so many details to talk about to transform your normal outfit into a more polished and expensive one Mix Colors. Color is the first thing people notice […]

10 Outfit ideas to wear when you don’t know what to wear

At least every week’s dilemma ( if not everyday’s) specially when you’re rushing out and don’t have time to think, not in the mood to put together a cool outfit you keep starring at your closet wondering– what to wear thinking that you invested all of your money inside and you still feel like having […]

How to look expensive

Hi loves! It’s Noha.. We all like to invest in our looks and look elevated and polished. But most of us think the struggle is real, well it’s not! Here are some styling tips to make your outfits look more expensive and more stylish Combine basics and trendy pieces. Timeless basic pieces are your wardrobe […]

How styling supports Sustainability

Hi Loves, it’s Noha!  I’m a stylist and a sustainable fashion blogger, I’m gonna stress on fashion values, meaning that everything concerning fashion should have a value I’m trying to make things simple as much as I can as I’m talking sustainable, ethical, slow or eco friendly fashion . Every definition relates to the same picture, […]

Summer capsule wardrobe

Building a capsule wardrobe for summer either you’re staying in or out is something you should do to have this versatile staples that will go with all the items you have. From polo tops to printed skirts or printed dresses and sandals, also puff-sleeve tops, which have been popular since last summer, Down I‘m showing […]

Favorite Summer 2021 Trends to wear

As it’s almost summer now and im so excited to start wearing everything from accessories like shades, cotton dresses, to slippers and clogs which is making a strong come back since last year, maxi skirts, colorful and comfy bags. I know It’s pretty much spring though it’s still cold outside. Even though it’s May and […]

Latest Jeans 2021 Trends

As a denim lover I cannot ignore the latest denim trends, specially after talking about other trends in details- you can check my S/S Spring and Summer trends and colors posts. Denim is one of the most used and important everyday wardrobe staple and on every runway, from cropped culottes, vintage cuts and washes, flares […]

Secrets to a healthy youthful skin in your late 20s and early 30s using natural products

During the transition between your 20s and your 30s you’ll notice a lot of change in your skin, fine lines and wrinkles start to surface like expression lines around eyes and mouth due to a decrease in collagen and elastin, and skin cells produce slower making your skin look more lackluster than normal. Follow these […]

Work From Home Outfit Ideas

Hey lovelies, it’s Noha! As someone that is currently working from home, comfort is key. you need to dress your self for comfortable and for style too because you will be sitting all day working , so I’ve listed some to go outfits that are cozy but also effortlessly chic. There are about five to […]

Favorite Spring Summer 2021 Trends and styles

Hello, it’s Noha..Looking forward to Spring and Summer post-quarantine styles and trends from belted outfits to stand out in statement coats,  oversized  slouchy denim, and relaxed chinos We saw more,  80s colorful styles with the  90s fashion come back adding a minimalistic touch that fit perfectly with all styles, and generations. Here are some of […]

Ways To Style Your Long Chunky Cardigan

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear chunky cardigan.. Cozy and warm? Me too, but we need more reasons to love them, and some tips on how to wear them without looking sloppy. There are many other good reasons to consider a long cardigan beside that they’re warm and cozy. […]

How to find your personal style

A personal style is something unique and can define you it’s like your fashion fingerprint. It makes you feel so comfortable and confident wearing what you’re wearing no matter what people think. I love fashion since I was little and love to style my own dresses by mixing and matching, I used to cut my […]

Style rules you need to know

Know and determine your body shape Understanding your body shape helps with choosing clothes and style that matches best with your body proportions and enhances your looks for an even better-looking silhouette. Length and size do not determine your body type, the body parts do. You need to dig into these details by checking my […]

Outfits you need to rock the holiday season!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.. Well it’s almost! so are you prepared? If you still don’t know what to wear, keep reading though this year you’re mostly spending the holidays low profile with your family or few friends probably at home. When I was little I always enjoyed Friends holiday episodes and […]

Winter Outfits And Trends to Know and have for 2020-2021

Winter weather is around the corner and we need to know how to be prepared and to dress for such freezing weather to be able to look on point and good, so here are some of the latest winter2020/ 2021 trends and styles to help you style your winter outfits and look good, cozy and […]

How to Wear T-shirts in Fall

Hi loves, It’s Noha, who doesn’t love T-shirts, well definitely we all do, they suit every style and the best thing about t-shirts is that you can style and wear them all year long, on weekends, to work and you could easily dress them up! I’m gonna be sharing how I styled T-shirts for fall […]

3 Easy Ways To Style A Floral Printed Dress in Fall

Hey loves it’s Noha. Fall is finally here in my country and I’m excited to start styling my fall outfits and start wearing booties, jackets and trench coats I choose to style with prints as a fun way to brighten up your outfit. In today’s blog post I am going to show you how I […]

Dress code

Have you ever received an invitation only to be stumped by the dress code?! What is a dress code?A set of rules, often written, with regards to clothing. Dress codes are created out of social perceptions and norms, and vary based on purpose, environment, and occasions.why is it important?The major reason why dressing in proper […]

Emily in Paris Iconic looks

Just finished watching the first season of Emily in Paris – which is my current fashion and style obsession by Darren Star who created Sex and the City and now Emily in Paris, just another exquisite show! Emily Cooper is a social media marketer from Chicago who transferred to Paris then she tried to blend […]

Sustainable Styling

Hi loves it’s Noha! I’m introducing my sustainable styling ideas as solutions to make you feel great and look your best, through sustainable and ethical fashion choices. Hire or consult a personal stylist to show you how to dress sustainably and invest in your staples, learn how to make use of the pieces in your […]

The Best Birthday Party Outfits to Celebrate Your Birthday

Hello loves! It’s September again, another wonderful time of the year, specially that it’s my birthday month!! One of my favorite thing about birthdays beside the gifts of course is the birthday outfit you can check my last birthday outfit ideas for more styles . You can go as extra as you want, and no […]

Best Summer 2020 dresses

Always love summer dress especially the ones that have that easy, do it all versatile vibe that could be worn with either sandals, sneakers and slippers, their fun colors and a variety of silhouettes. If you’re looking to refresh your closet now, here are some dresses styles and ideas in different designs These go to […]

Styling the same dress for different style personalities

Hi loves, it’s Noha. Styling outfits is one of my favorite things to do you can check my posts for many styling ideas to style beach dresses and another styling ideas for summer dresses and the second best thing I love beside wearing the same outfit different ways and create different looks is to style […]

Styling ideas to wear the same dress different ways

Hi loves, it’s Noha! I’m posting more styling ideas to wear the same dress different ways, apparently you can consider this post new part of the styling series i’ve been posting lately about summer outfits and dresses, you can check essential outfits for summer and styling a sundress for a summer vacation . That can […]

Ways to style a white sundress on a summer holiday

Hey loves it’s Noha. Long time, I was actually unplugging enjoying summer vacation but I’m back with you with some styling ideas of what I’ve been wearing a lot this summer and I thought I could be wearing it from the beach to a dinner out all day, every day if I wanted! Here are […]

Summer 2020 wearable trends

I loves, it Noha! I before wrote about spring 2020 wearable trends and colors and then wrote about building your summer 2020 capsule wardrobe now I’m going to be more specific about 2020 summer trends I personally like and wear and I just made a briefing video you can watch it on my Facebook group […]

Re-creating your favorite Style Icon Looks

Style icon inspiration is to find your own style by getting inspired by your favorite celebrity style and is a simple way for everyone to find and learn about their own style. If you read my blog post about how to find your style , this was an interesting one of the tips to help […]

Three ways to create more outfits with the same piece

Hi loves, it’s Noha! We all always love to go shopping and to have more outfits and create new different looks, probably spend a lot of money and never feel like having enough outfits! Here are some tips to create more outfits with the same pieces! The best thing about these tips is that You […]

Easy ways to look more stylish and fashion forward

Hi loves, it’s Noha! Are you bored with your clothes and need inspiration to dress and style them differently or always looking for ideas to look more stylish and wondering how to do this?! I’m helping you with this. Here are very simple tips to always look fashion forward, chic and on point.. Wear belts […]

Styling and mixing prints like fashion girls

Hi loves, it’s Noha! On my last post I wrote about how to mix colors now I’m sharing how to mix prints, as both weren’t my favorite thing to do when it comes to styling outfits, but after learning the right technique I loved having more styling options and creating unusual outfit ideas, so here […]

What you should know about Coconut oil before buying

Hi Loves, it’s Noha. I Shared with you my beauty DIY remedies and masks and how to naturally have a youthful skin, and honestly the secret is coconut oil. yes coconut oil is a very important product I use for moisturizing and taking care of my skin, this post is to guide everyone to know […]

Summer outfits to wear after quarantine

Hi loves, hopefully quarantine is ending soon and the one thing we totally ignored during this period is our wardrobe. Last thing We remember wearing was our winter clothes as we hardly touched our spring outfits, now suddenly we’re gonna be wearing our summer clothes! So we definitely needed a wardrobe clean out, if you […]

DIY Easy Beauty Masks You Need For a youthful glowing skin

Hello loves, hope you’re staying home and staying positivE, the best thing about quarantine is that you have the time to do your own DIY beauty masks and as promised on my last my quarantine life blog I’m sharing with you my DIY beauty masks I swear by for a youthful, glowing skin you can […]

My quarantine lifestyle

Hi loves, it’s Noha. Everyday I try to focus and figure out what to write but I couldn’t pick something interesting during quarantine. Just like everyone Fashion bloggers and influencers will never be the same during this pandemic period! We’re struggling with the content. So if you’re not making tiktok videos, cooking, working out, redecorating […]

The latest Spring color trends to wear in 2020

If you followed the S/S fashion month, you’ll see an explosion of shades on the spring runways, al the beautiful colors are so in this season. Designers played around with both pastel and highly saturated takes on the hues, so based on your character and mood you’ll find the color that suits you From bold […]

Wearable Spring/Summer 2020 Fashion Trends

While we’re featuring our last cold waves ( crossing fingers), we’re looking forward to start transitioning our wardrobe into the warm Spring weather pieces, after digging into all this season trends and styles, I listed my favorite wearable styles. Will state quickly some of the trends but I’m writing details about the ones I liked […]

Jade Roller vs Gua Sha technique for a youthful healthy skin

I tried both Jade rollers and Gua Sha after I heard and read that they are really important tools for a healthy youthful skin, though it’s confusing which is better to use, I searched a lot and found people leaning more toward Gua Sha (over jade rolling) because it’s more versatile and achieves the results […]

Items you need to build a capsule wardrobe

I consider this as part 3 of my styling series to the rescue I started lately, you can check 7 ways to guide you find your style, and 10 things to wear when you don’t know what to wear part 1, Starring at your closet which is full of clothes thinking you don’t have anything […]

5 ways to repeat outfits like it girls

Repeating outfits is not only helful and time saving but also is so creative and interesting, I love to repeat outfits to have the luxury of styling them differently and getting the feeling that I have so many more outfits than I already do, I learned this trick when I was lil and didn’t have […]

Rocking the denim skirt style this season

The denim skirt is one of the coolest summer staple that looks fun, but you can still transit this cool staple with you to your fall/ winter wardrobe by wearing with oversize sweaters and cold-weather boots, chunky cardigans or that turtleneck and coats you will have that cool denim skirt look this season. Here are some styles […]

Daily outfits of The Week

What to wear today? Everyday’s question and It’s fun when you have time but usually you don’t, so it’s just stressing specially that you have to get up, pick an outfit, shower, get your coffee, get ready and rush out in like half an hour and sometimes you jeopardize some sleep and get earlier to […]

6 Ways to wear leather pants this fall

We all have a special item that we love and make a statement about our unique personal style. Whether to rock an oversized coat, put on that gorgeous LBD that shows off your figure or that statement blazer to work . Leather pants are one of those favorite items as they can transform the look in […]

Tips and ideas to have a healthy, thick and beautiful hair

No matter the texture, colour or style, we all want our hair to look perfect everyday as if you just had your hair done at the salon.   If your hair is good but very sensitive then you’re facing my problem, if I didn’t take good care of my hair frequently, it gets damaged easily, […]

How to shop your closet

Every time before you decide to go shopping try to take a look at what you have first, easier said than done I know! But The key is browsing your own closet. If you can make what you already own more interesting, you’re more likely to want to wear them, here are ways to take […]

What you need to know about ethical and sustainable fashion.

We probably never thought of fashion further than something we need and use, we never knew that Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world, and one of the largest consumers of water, resources and energy! Ethical &sustainable clothing can actually help address many of these issues in different ways. Since clothing is […]

Outfit ideas to wear on your birthday

Birthdays are special days celebrated/ spent with your favorite people with a good yummy cake and picking the right outfit/ dress, these bday outfits could be covered in sequins, made of silk, chiffon, satin or probably a vibrant color! Always remember it’s ok to look extra, because it’s your birthday! If you’re like me and […]

Interview outfits and tips for making a good first impressions

Every workplace is different and has it’s own dress code so you must learn everything about the the company and the environment, .. etc for example working in a law firm or a bank is different than working in fashion or advertising. Preparing yourself for an interview is something crucial, as so much happens in […]

Black shoes every Woman Should Own

Black shoes are staple basic shoes you should always have, they go with everything, from school Uniforms to gowns. Here are the pieces that can be worn all year long and listing below how to style them and look fashionable. Pumps, sandals, kitten heels, wedges and boots are the basic pairs of shoes you should […]