My Subtle Story!

Hi! My name is Noha, I’m from Egypt. I studied Computer science and I work as a project manager.

I always wanted to start sharing my style but it took me a while to figure out how to do it till one day I woke up to the idea of starting my @subtle_style instagram.

About two years ago- 9 months before starting my @subtle_style Instagram account in September 2017, I found out that I had a “hyper thyroid gland” that harmed both my eyes and caused me “diplopia ~staring eyes” and double vision, I stopped working and suddenly everything fell a part.  I almost lost my eye sight and things became harder everyday but I always believed that

“Everything happens for a reason” so I realized that I just need to trust the process while trying to understand the message..

Of course I was devastated but also knew I was blessed too, I was blessed with time! Yes time to think and set my priorities. Then I decided to start my instagram account and blog but it was very hard to write and read then, so I decided to start the @subtle_style till I get better and be able to start my blog.

I knew it wasn’t gonna be easy it was even harder than expected but it was worth it.

“A year from now you will wish you had started today”.

I fell in love with my subtle poses and owe it to my  “subtle style” that introduced me to all of you and was the reason I stepped out of my comfort zone, so wanted to continue what I started when I had nothing but it, and will be sharing more about me, my style, favorite brands, lifestyle and more.

I still didn’t figure out the next step yet, but I decided to share my story as my first blog post.


Let me know what you want me to share with you.

Can’t wait to read what do you all think! ๐Ÿ˜‰