How to accessorize basic outfits.

We get bored of our basic outfits easily as we wear them everyday or on repeat and need to style or accessorize them differently to feel refreshed. As we all know that basic pieces are our ROI pieces ( return on investment) white shirt &T-shirt, blue jeans, black blazer, even LBDs they are the spine of the wardrobe and your raw material, with few key accessories we can freshen up our favorite basic pieces.

Shoes & bags

They are a major game changer! You can totally transform your basic denim outfit into more interesting one when adding a statement bag or shoes or both like below!

Also your LBD “long or little ” can look more sophisticated when accessorized with a statement bag or colorful shoes!

Statement items:


Statement necklaces give that polished luxurious look to your outfit!

Statement Jackets

They are a major key long or short, that can transform your outfit 180 degrees, from casual to dressy depending on the whole look!


You can change your basic cardigan look and turn into cute sweater dress using only a belt!

Scarfs & Wraps

You can play with them and get the easiest cute &stylish basic look transformation!

Lots of ideas with simple items can be used to change your basic look into more interesting look, which is your key item, would love to read your thoughts..

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