Swimsuits styles for summer 2019

Summer has officially started and that means it’s time for new swimsuits . But, shopping for swim isn’t so easy and tricky as we always need more than one style for different occasions, and places. Your lounge by the pool suit is not the same as beach events, out and about. Always looking for something beautiful to feel comfortable in wearing, while you’re catching some waves, sunbathing by the shore, or taking pics that will look great on.

Swimsuits ~ bikinis are like fries you can’t just have one!

Striped, cutouts, embroidered details with bold or warm colors, here are some different styles and designs to inspire you this summer.

Knotted details

Knotted details to all swimsuits, tie shoulders or knotted bikini bottoms aren’t not only pretty details but they add to it’s functionality as allow you to customize their fit.

Coral knotted one piece swimsuit from Venus


One piece cutout swimsuits looks subtly sexy and beautiful, the cutout details adds more sophistication to the swim.

Cutout ring details one piece swimsuit from Primark




They are so very feminine and flattering and also gives the one piece full support.


vintage cutout monokini


Striped high waisted

So pretty and fun, can be worn as a set or mix and match for more style options.

Bikini from La Vie En Rose



Always so in for summer to boost the look of your glowing tanned skin, and with these beautiful knotted details in different neon color you can adjust your fit.

Bikini from Victorias Secret


So which swimsuit style you like the most, because life isn’t perfect but you’re swimsuit can be!




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