Interview outfits and tips for making a good first impressions

Every workplace is different and has it’s own dress code so you must learn everything about the the company and the environment, .. etc for example working in a law firm or a bank is different than working in fashion or advertising. Preparing yourself for an interview is something crucial, as so much happens in those first few seconds when you and the interviewer meet. So it’s important to pay attention to your fit, beside how you might fit at the company. And you should make a good first impression to land this job!


You can have anything  want in life if you dress for it.” — Edith Head.

Suits suits!

you can never go wrong with a power suit, mix and match blazer pants or a statement blazer to transform the business interview look!


Black dresses

A great choice for a professional attire is an”little black dress”, you can wear it with stockings for a more dressy yet corporate look.

Statement dresses

A dress in an interesting color, is a good addition to your interview closet but should be professional and conservative.

A tucked-in sweater is never a bad idea, especially if you’re wearing standout pants like these ones.

Button down

You can wear your basic shirt or be creative in choosing your shirt to the interview, wear it with a good tailored pants, culottes or skirts!

Zara White shirt and gingham culottes –

Statement pants

Good fit or a plaid pants can be your statement piece for an interview, wear with shirts or blouses for a simple and classy look.

Also these things you should consider while dressing for an interview.

Don’t wear too much makeup

Accessorize less

Don’t wear sexy heels

Don’t wear strong perfumes.

Avoid red and orange colors


Hope you find these tips helpful and good luck with your job interviews.


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