What you need to know about ethical and sustainable fashion.

We probably never thought of fashion further than something we need and use, we never knew that Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world, and one of the largest consumers of water, resources and energy! Ethical &sustainable clothing can actually help address many of these issues in different ways. Since clothing is something necessary to everyone, everyone in the fashion industry should be raising awareness about the importance of switching to slow sustainable fashion brands and the negative impact of keeping using fast fashion brands on the resources and environment.

Sustainability in fashion is a global environmental emergency. According to the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), the fashion industry accounts for 20% of wastewater and 10% of carbon emissions worldwide. The 2019 Pulse of the Fashion Industry report also shows the fashion industry is not implementing sustainable solutions fast enough to counterbalance the harmful environmental and social impacts of its rapid growth.


Ethical fashion is fashion made ethically which means your clothing is eco-friendly and people-friendly.

I read a lot about sustainable fashion and worked with some brands, trying to make an impact while styling so I listed some of my favorite sustainable brands that offer the most eco-friendly option without compromising on neither the design nor quality.


This sustainability-forward brand knows that a truly conscious brand needs to consider both people and planet before, during, and after production. Outerknown works with many global partners who offer fair wages and practice sustainable production, and they carefully detail each and every partner on their site.

Beautiful designs and great materials, I personally love this brand so much.

Outerknown Isla Dress
Outerknown canyon dress
Outerknown canyon dress
Outerknown meander beach pants
Outerknown meander beach pants


Reformation’s dedication to sustainable production is extensively explained on their website in their signature bold and unabashed style, plus each item comes with a description of its environmental footprint. With extended sizing to their permanent collection!

3.Swedish Stockings

Their mission is to influence snd chance the entire hosiery industry , they present the luxury (quality) of the past by applying the technique of the future.

If you like stockings like me you’ll love them, beautiful designs and amazing fabrics that don’t harm the environment

4.Stella McCartny

I design clothes that are meant to last. I believe in creating pieces that are not going to get burnt, that are not going to landfills and that are not going to damage the environment. For every piece in every collection, I am always asking what have we done to make this garment more sustainable and what else can we do. It is a constant effort to improve…


  1. To Protect and Empower Women
  1. To Equip Consumers to Demand More


Everlane is all about transparency. They believe customers have the right to know what their products cost to make and where they were made. They reveal their true costs and share the factory and production stories behind each piece of clothing. Their minimal, modern aesthetic makes them a personal favorite!

Shop my Clog by Everlane

shop my Everlane clog,

Shop my Everlane dress on sale 50% off here

Shop my Everlane dress on sale 50% off

Shop my Everlane dress on sale 50% off

7. Vetta

Vetta is on a mission to help you build a more thoughtful wardrobe with their innovative shopping model. Vetta crafts all of their garments responsibly in the USA from deadstock and sustainable materials, and even goes so far as to source details like buttons and elastic from the US.

8.Bleu Salt

season less line of basics made sustainably 100% in the USA from the softest fibers on Earth.

9.Alternative Apparel

It’s rare to find fashion brands that are both ethical and sustainable, but Alternative Apparel ranks well for both these categories. Alternative respects and values the rights of workers in all countries and believe in the right to fair and safe workplace conditions. Their factories operate in accordance with the Fair Labor Association Workplace Code of Conduct and they make over 70% of their garments with sustainable materials and processes. Alternative is a certified Green Business in LA. We love their modern and casual basics for men and women. (Thegoodtrade.com)


Born in Paris, France, Sézane believes in sustainable production that benefits people and planet. The brand started entirely online as a way to cut out the middleman, focusing on production that’s ethical and as close to zero waste as possible. With leather goods, denim, shoes, swimwear, and jewelry, the collection has something for every ethical consumer who values beauty and quality.

12.My Beachy Side

A beautiful brand that’s not only concerned with sustainability by producing with a minimum amount of waste and repurpose any excess materials And are also conscious of the environmental impact of the full supply chain and carefully choose their vendors and materials, they also drive financial empowerment to disadvantaged women by providing them with a sustainable income hand-crafting their beautiful designs.

My beachy Side ethical white dress

My beachy Side ethical white dress

My beachy Side ethical white dress

Egyptian brands:


One of my favorite ethical Egyptian brands, Up-Fuse up-cycles plastic bags, transforming them into sustainable fashionable and beautiful bags and accessories. Reducing and reusing existing waste.

2.Kendaka Upcycle

Another beautiful Egyptian sustainable brand empowers and supports women, all of its products are handmade by artisans women, they turn waste into functional beautiful products like glass sets, vases, bowls, bags and baskets, beside their beautiful bags that are made from leftover fabric scraps.

Kedaka sustainable handmade bag

3. Scarabaeus Sacer

A very unique and exquisite sustainable and ethical Egyptian brand for women and men, designing tees, polos and dresses from 100% organic Egyptian cotton, no wonder they are softest on the skin. You’re gonna also love the designs, the colors, graphics, the fit and the quality is everything!

 I really loved how Scarabaeus Sacer brand is concerned with sustainability and working hard to create options for sustainable and ethical clothing and trying to spread awareness using their own collections and platforms to support the sustainable fashion movement and to make a positive impact.

Wearing Scarabaeus Sacer black cotton dress

Wearing Scarabaeus Sacer black tee

You can also check my sustainable styling blog post, for styling ideas, insights and inspirations and sustainable solutions I’m offering to help wear and reuse your outfits many different ways and reduce the garment consumption by doing more shopping

The least we can do as part of our responsibility towards ourselves and the environment is to start switching to sustainable fashion brands, specially that they focus on quality, using materials that are made to last as well as being kind to the environment, you can also buy used clothes to decrease resources consumption, try thrift stores and online fashion stores and sites like Thredup that supports sustainability and has variety of used fashion brands.

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