How to shop your closet

Every time before you decide to go shopping try to take a look at what you have first, easier said than done I know! But The key is browsing your own closet. If you can make what you already own more interesting, you’re more likely to want to wear them, here are ways to take what’s in your wardrobe feel like new.


The rule is if you can’t see you won’t wear! As you don’t know what you have. If you’re tight on space, you can use pop-top soda tabs to cascade similar items, will give your clothes room to breathe and make looking through them actually fun. Here are some simple ideas to organize your closet/wardrobe and help you see what you have.

Credits: pinterest


Anything can be fixed!

If you’ve got anything that is missing buttons, ripped, get it taken care of . If you can’t do it yourself you can google for ideas or ask your tailor for help.

Credits: pinterest


Layering Seasonal Clothes.

Mix and match your season clothes like that a summery slip skirt or dress, put a chunky sweater over it. And, add tights and boots, no reason to wait until next summer .

Credits: pinterest
Credits: pinterest

Get styling tips and ideas

Search for ideas of outfits you have you’ll find inspiration on how to style it from pinterest or your favorite social media platform. it will always give you a new way to wear it.”

Get things tailored.

If you’ve owned a blazer with too-long sleeves forever, take the time to finally hem it. The jacket will look brand new. Tailoring is relatively inexpensive and so worth it!

Detox your accessories

Clean anything that’s broken, detangle necklaces, buy jewelry cabinets or you can DIY one its so easy to make and will help organize your jewelry. you’ll now see what you have and help you invigorate your outfits.

Credits: pinterest

Credits: pinterest


Ask a friend to browse your wardrobe.

Ask your mom, sister or a friend who knows your style to pick some outfits from your closet for you. As it’s fun to see how others see us specially when it comes to style, You might find something you really like!”

Document what you wear.

List your outfits by taking outfit pictures from everything you wear for a week or two like style bloggers . You can see what worked and what didn’t, and break down what you really feel good in. You can also notice what you wear on repeat and what you never use clearly.

Build a capsule wardrobe.

Make each 30 outfits each 30 days, and wear one each day for a month check more details here. This can help you think creatively about what you wear each day. Try, to help creat a capsule wardrobe for you from your own clothes.

You can find more ideas and inspirations on pinterest.

Let me know if you find this helpful.

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