How to wear Slip skirts all year long

I usually use Pinterest for outfit inspiration and ideas and I recently searched a lot for ways to wear my slip skirt and found many ideas and also learned that Pinterest revealed that interest in “Slip skirt street style” has increased in 2019 probably because of me haha! A lot of people like the slip skirt style but are too afraid to wear it or don’t know how to style it. But you could also just start scrolling through street style blogs, instagram or search Pinterest and understand that this piece can transform a very basic look into an interesting one.

For a feminine style, you pair it with an oversized sweater and boots, you can wear your oversized sweater either untucked or tucked into part of the waistband so it billows at the sides and back, for an effortless chic look

Also for work or for a dressy look can be worn with a plain shirt or a blazer with kitten heels, mules or flats, or with coats and boots for a dressy look .

You can wear almost or same color from head to toe for a tonal look!

With a Denim Jacket

You can style it with denim jacket and booties or sneakers for a casual chic street style look

With a leather jacket

For an edgy touch add a leather jacket with ankle boots to a slip skirt

So many ways to style it depends on your style and why you wear it, hope this was helpful. Let me know which style is your favorite!

Here’s a styling video on how to wear different sweaters styles with your slip skirt!

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