Daily outfits of The Week

What to wear today? Everyday’s question and It’s fun when you have time but usually you don’t, so it’s just stressing specially that you have to get up, pick an outfit, shower, get your coffee, get ready and rush out in like half an hour and sometimes you jeopardize some sleep and get earlier to do this!

The struggle is real, I know! beside the fact that I’m not the person who plans the daily outfits of the week ahead, I know that’s not practical specially that most of the time I choose my outfits depending on my mood and how the day would probably go! so I need more time to think if I’m having meetings or lunch with friends or going to do errands after work etc.., but trust me it’s I could do itm you can! Here are how I style and choose my outfits of the week to show you how it could be managed!


I’m starting with Monday as it’s globally the first weekday though it’s the second in my country and region, as the week starts on Sunday, for me it’s the second hardest day and it’s always busy and hectic. Usually i feel like a nice basic work outfit to boost my energy and mood and something comfortable in the same time.

A light cashmere sweater with a palazzo pants from Massimo Dutti, Zara knee boots, no need to style my hair just brush it it’s Monday people! I’m ready to go.


Meetings, weekly check-ins, followups and the day is in fire, but I like Tuesdays yes I do, you know when you’re starting the workout and you don’t have the energy it’s Sundays, Mondays I’m still warming up and Tuesdays is when you started to kill it. So I usually choose something professional and cute maybe have my hair up a ponytail or something.

Outfit: Tommy Hilfiger sweater, Zara skirt and Tory burch booties and Coach satchel


So after Tuesday is my weekend countdown and I’m in a better mood usually if nothing specifically happened to change that, I like to dress ladylike so I chose a light black sweater dresses from Mango and style it with a Zara denim shirt underneath, black shoulder bag and heeled Aldo ankle boots, maybe ready for a late lunch and coffee with friends after work.8


TGIT as It’s our last weekday, Usually it’s called causal Thursday for most workplaces, I like to dress something casual chic and probably with a poo of Color showing my enthusiasm to start the weekend and usually after work I gather with friends for dinner.

Wearing Defacto sweater, Zara plaid pants

Michael kors ankle boots and Tory burch backpack


FriYay! Breakfast or Brunch with family or friends, movie nights in or out so nothing better than an athleisure style on Fridays.

Wearing Forever 21 poncho sweater, Massimo dutti denim, Converse sneakers and a backpack.


Saturdays are good too until they are over so I try to make the best if the day and sometimes get dressed up chic and go out with friends to celebrate the weekend goodbye.

Wearing velvet open back Mango dress, knee length vintage suede boots, black shoulder bag and Zara embellished suede jacket for cold nights.


Sundays are when we start out weekdays and it’s the hardest just like the international Mondays.Usually on Sundays I’m busy catching up with everything and  no energy so I usually choose the effortless basic work outfit.

Wearing Promod leather pants, Massimo dutti Cashmere sweater, Toryburch black boots and shoulder bag and a classic trench!

If you’re following me on Tiktok, you can see my daily outfits video that summed up all these looks, let me know if this was helpful!

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