5 ways to repeat outfits like it girls

Repeating outfits is not only helful and time saving but also is so creative and interesting, I love to repeat outfits to have the luxury of styling them differently and getting the feeling that I have so many more outfits than I already do, I learned this trick when I was lil and didn’t have that much clothes like I do now. One of the important things I consider when I go shopping I try to think how many things it’ll work with within my existing wardrobe. I don’t buy it unless I can think of a few places I can wear it to and a few different ways I can style it.”

It doesn’t mean your wardrobe needs to be full of basic pieces you only need 80% basic pieces and 20% trendy as sometimes that ‘useful’ and reused pieces are some statement items that can be worn with sneakers or a tee or with the grey knitwear. I have a gingham culottes pants I love and wear it all the time in so many different ways from formal to athleisure all year long!

Some basic tips to help you wear the same item on repeat

1-Use accessories

Accessories can totally change the same look, considering the place and occasion you chose to wear the same outfit differently, you can check how I wore the same sweater dress in 7 different ways here

2-Layering is key.

Layering isn’t just a dressing technique, it keeps you warm and is a main key to change many outfits looks and styles, like if you layerd that button Down shirt under a sweater will transform your repeated item and gives that classy polished look to your outfit, same exact sweater layered with button down shirt and another time without and accessorized with a scarf

3-Switch things up with your outerwear.

It’s that simple when you play with your outerwear Texter maybe your chunky knit cardigan exchanged with your bomber jacket or a puffy coat or your double breasted coat, You will totally transform the look and the whole style, you can check how to style your different kinds of winter coats here, the same look with a trench coat and with a chunky long cardigan and you can check many different Ways to style your chunky cardigan here.

4-Basics to the rescue

I’m a firm believer in investing in basics because you simply can wear the exact same piece like a white shirt on a blue denim and then the other day you can wear that same white shirt on a pleated skirt you didn’t only change the look but you did change the whole style and no one will ever notice that you’re Repeating the item, you can also check how to style basic outfits here

Zara white shirt
Denim: americaneagle
Same denim different styles


OK the question here is how my hairstyle will change my look well m it gives that illusion that you look different as when you tie your hair up you definitely look different than when you style it down so you’re creating an illusion of a different look and definitely since you changed your hairstyle then the whole style changed

Hope you enjoy reading and find this helpful, share with me if you have other ideas and tips

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