My quarantine lifestyle

Hi loves, it’s Noha. Everyday I try to focus and figure out what to write but I couldn’t pick something interesting during quarantine. Just like everyone Fashion bloggers and influencers will never be the same during this pandemic period!

We’re struggling with the content. So if you’re not making tiktok videos, cooking, working out, redecorating houses, season wardrobe cleaning or DIY beauty remedies, you can check my natural beauty tips for a gorgeous hair and for a beautiful and youthful skin in your late 20s early 30s,

I’m gonna share with you my workout at home routine, daily quarantine outfits, also outfits I styled from mom vintage clothes after cleaning her wardrobe, you can check my post on how to shop and organize your closet

Daily quarantine outfits

Starting with fashion let me share my daily quarantine outfits either loungewear, sleepwear, or gym wear if I’m working out, what about you?

For online meetings, I like to dress up a little to change the mood, and not only putting a shirt on my pj pants haha, playing dress up is also something I’ve been doing a lot in lately to prepare daily content in my room, I also vacuum in style!

Outfits I wore when I go jogging while keeping the social distancing 😉

I also will be sharing my favorite DIY beauty masks next blog post, stay tuned

Let me know how are you spending your time at home?

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