What you should know about Coconut oil before buying

Hi Loves, it’s Noha. I Shared with you my beauty DIY remedies and masks and how to naturally have a youthful skin, and honestly the secret is coconut oil. yes coconut oil is a very important product I use for moisturizing and taking care of my skin, this post is to guide everyone to know how to get a good coconut oil and to let you know the difference between the one to use for your beauty routine and the one for cooking, specially that you can get both from the supermarket and from the same shelf!

I used to use a very good virgin oil for years that my best friend gets me from Germany, I never bothered to check anything as she did the homework, but due to the lockdown and after I finished my last drops in my bottle, I decided to go buy a good new one from the supermarket after I made a little research and read a lot of reviews and decided on the brand I’m looking for, I didn’t know that there are more details you should consider rather than the brand, if you dont wanna end up buying a cooking coconut oil like me, though in my defense the odorless and yellowish color were my clues!

I made my study and decided to help everyone as coconut oil is essential in the house so enjoy..

Divine coconut is one of the best coconut oil brands in Egypt.

How to buy the best coconut oil for your skin and hair

The label: 

Look for “organic” , “virgin” (made from fresh coconuts), and “non-hydrogenated” (hydrogenating coconut oil results in the product containing more dangerous trans fats).

Make sure it’s cold pressed:

 This means that no heat or chemicals were used to extract the oil, which helps keep the beneficial properties of coconut oil intact.

Try fractionated oils:

“Fractionated coconut oil is already in liquid form, During the (non-chemical) fractionating process, the compounds that cause coconut oil to be solid at room temperature are removed.So it became less greasy and more lightweight on the skin, making it an excellent choice to use as base for DIY beauty products.

Steer clear of RBD oils:

 If you spot RBD on the label, that means the coconut oil has been refined, bleached, and deodorized—which also means it shouldn’t go on your skin. “The extra processing that occurs with refined coconut oil can remove much of the beneficial polyphenols, antioxidants, and phytonutrients.

Check the color: 

“Don’t buy coconut oil if it has a yellow or gray tint “This coloration might be a sign of contamination.”

The first thing I did after finding these details about coconut oil is sharing with you the information to get the best coconut oil so you can easily buy it. Go ahead and add them to your beauty routine, it’s a must have and you ‘ll thank me, I promise!

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