Styling and mixing prints like fashion girls

Hi loves, it’s Noha! On my last post I wrote about how to mix colors now I’m sharing how to mix prints, as both weren’t my favorite thing to do when it comes to styling outfits, but after learning the right technique I loved having more styling options and creating unusual outfit ideas, so here are easy ways to mix prints to create a colorful, eye catching looks. Though the thought of mixing different patterns may be confusing, but following these rules will show that pulling off the look is totally doable.

Treat leopard as a solid color

Matching opposite prints.

Dress in different inverted or opposite colors and sizes create a compelling contrast.

Match at least one color.

Look at the color not the print and mix different prints with at least one color

Set by Egyptian brand​ Ame by Chaymaa El Sysy
Set by Egyptian brand Ame by Chaymaa El Sysy
Dress and coat by Egyptian brand Ame by Chaymaa El Sysy
Dress and coat by Egyptian brand Ame by Chaymaa El Sysy

Go Monochrome

When in doubt, go monochrome and using the same color is always the easiest way to make prints.

Tip: Black and white mix easy

Use the same color palette

It’s important to pay attention to colors here, the harmony of colors created is key to mixing different prints

Hope you find this helpful and helps you mixing prints like a pro!

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