Easy ways to look more stylish and fashion forward

Hi loves, it’s Noha! Are you bored with your clothes and need inspiration to dress and style them differently or always looking for ideas to look more stylish and wondering how to do this?! I’m helping you with this. Here are very simple tips to always look fashion forward, chic and on point..

Wear belts

I feel safe to say when in doubt wear a belt, as it can transform your whole outfit and gives that chic interesting look

Accessorize is key

You can always elevate and change your whole look with accessories either a hat or the of necklaces, statement shoes or bags or of course belts

Accessorize with Promod statement shoes and gold Michaelkors clutch

Stay up-to-date with trends

The 80:20 rule is mixing basics with trendy stuff as you can have like 80% of your wardrobe your invested in basic and timeless pieces and 20% of trendy pieces, you can use puff white shirts instead of normal white shirts or a padded white tee instead of a regular basic tee for an edgy chic look

Zara puff white shirt
Zara padded tee

Correct proportions

When it comes to showing skin there are rules you have to consider like if you’re wearing a crop top it’s more chic to wear with a high waisted pants or shorts.. etc

Wear and mix colors

I earlier wrote about how to wear and mix colors which is something creative and fun, knowing that colors are the first thing that are eye catchy and grabbing attention even before dressing for the body shape

Mixing complementary colors
Monochrome colored outfit

Mix prints

Wearing and styling prints is next level when it comes to styling and so creative when you know how to do, I previously posted simple details to help you to style and mix prints

Set by Egyptian brand Ame by Chaimaa El Sysy
Mixing same color palette of skirt and shoes

Replace denim with pants

I love jeans so much but sometimes Instead of wearing jeans I try different trousers like leather pants or high wasted pants, it’s a simple way to elevate the whole look

Benetton pants
Zara culottes
Zara high waisted paper bag pants

Hope you enjoyed these simple ways to style and elevate your look!

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