Three ways to create more outfits with the same piece

Hi loves, it’s Noha! We all always love to go shopping and to have more outfits and create new different looks, probably spend a lot of money and never feel like having enough outfits! Here are some tips to create more outfits with the same pieces! The best thing about these tips is that You can try them all or just one of them and be getting the results which will save money for sure!

Wear more tops

Wear more tops on the same bottom you ‘ll have a fresh new look, every time because it’s all about the top. Wearing the same jeans with different tops, and same thing with the pants, made the illusion of total different looks, and also never underestimate the power of accessories!

Style the same piece differently

Style the same piece with many different outfits in different ways and you’ll have a total different look, and most of the time no one will notice you’re repeating an outfit, and never forget right accessories!

Wearing the puff sleeves shirt in two different ways and styles

Zara buff sleeve shirt

Same Everlane dress styled differently, my favorite this summer, click to get it on 50% sale

Everlane dress styled with Zara white puff sleeves
Everlane dress

Always accessorize

As you can see I always stress on the importance of accessorizing as, it elevates the look, it changes the look, you can frequently repeat outfits without anyone noticing if knew how to accessorize it well, ..etc! Summing up accessorizing is key!!

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