Summer 2020 wearable trends

I loves, it Noha! I before wrote about spring 2020 wearable trends and colors and then wrote about building your summer 2020 capsule wardrobe now I’m going to be more specific about 2020 summer trends I personally like and wear and I just made a briefing video you can watch it on my Facebook group here Subtle style by Noha or my Instagram subtle_style, believe me you need to watch it, it’s fun.

As it’s almost the weekend with the crazy sale season, I summed up these wearable summer trends, styles and colors to help you with your shopping!

1-Utility trend

-Safari dresses, shorts, linen fabrics, jumpsuits, army pants,..etc

Forever21 jumpsuit
Dress from: Retro design boutique

2- Shades of brown

( Camel, Carmel, beige,.. etc)

Dress from : Maison69 store

3- Shades of green

( I don’t really like to wear green, but there is always a shade for everyone) 😉


4-Puff sleeves

It’s been trending for a while and all the 80s fashion are so in style right now!! 80s baby

Everlane dress
Everlane dress
Everlane dress

Zara puff sleeved shirt
Zara white puff sleeved shirt

5-Summer leather

Though in hot & humid countries like mine it’s noway to wear leather in summer, but if I live in other countries, I personally would wear it all year!

Zara Bermuda leather shorts

6- Bermuda shorts

AKA cropped culottes, so practical and can be dressed up or down!

Zara bermuda shorts

7-Sheer and mesh fabrics

My beachy side sustainable white dress
My beachy side sustainable white dress

There are so many other different styles but actually these are the ones that I like as I don’t really like neon colors or wearing bralette tops as actual tops, also you can find sweat shorts which I personally won’t be able to wear specially in the city, so I hope you like the styles I posted

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