Best Summer 2020 dresses

Always love summer dress especially the ones that have that easy, do it all versatile vibe that could be worn with either sandals, sneakers and slippers, their fun colors and a variety of silhouettes. If you’re looking to refresh your closet now, here are some dresses styles and ideas in different designs

These go to now is something unstructured, floaty or ankle-length. That are comfortable, cute and also chic. Specially that we got so bored of loungewear after months stuck at home quarantining.

You can go all sexy in these dresses with heeled sandals, they’re very versatile.

I‘m sharing my most comfortable , favorite and versatile dresses, the ones you can dress up or down from long to short, day and night with sneakers, sandals or slippers.

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are so flattering especially in summer you can style them with everything slippers, sandals sneakers,.. etc and you can dress up or down depending on your mood. Wearing a maxi button down belted dress by DND Designs Egyptian brand, and my favorite sustainable black maxi dress by Outerknown


Sundress is a must-have especially on a summer vacation they’re very beautiful and versatile can be styled different ways from the beach to a night out. You can check my styling post for different ways to style a sundress, wearing a Sfera sundress with Steve Madden kimono

Sfera sundress with Steve Madden kimono

Tank dresses

This is my current favorite summer dress specially that it’s sustainable from Everlane it’s very beautiful, very flattering, easy to style. I actually styled it with and without a puff sleeve you can get it 50% off here

Everlane  dress
Everlane dress

Sheer dresses

One of the latest spring and summer trends is sheer and mesh fabrics, so my other favorite sustainable my beachy side dress is so more than flattering I love so much, it’s so pretty and girly and also you can style it different ways easily.

You can check my favorite sustainable fashion brands that are also gorgeous!

Printed dresses

Colorful and printed dresses are all whatwhite summer about, this maxi Outerknown sustainable dress is one of my favorite it’s very comfy and beautiful and perfect for this weather, so can easily be styled different ways .

Denim dress

This cotton denim dress by Egyptian brand RetroDesign is perfect for summer, it’s cute and chic, you can dress it up or down with a slipper with sexy heels, check different styling ideas for the same denim dress to suit different styles, it’s so trendy this season and versatile too you can check my post for more summer 2020 trends. Definitely a must have.

These are the dresses loved to wear this summer, they are my current favorite they are comfortable they are chic they are versatile, and are so easy to go to when you don’t know what to wear. Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if this gave you some ideas and insights! 
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