Emily in Paris Iconic looks

Just finished watching the first season of Emily in Paris – which is my current fashion and style obsession by Darren Star who created Sex and the City and now Emily in Paris, just another exquisite show!

Emily Cooper is a social media marketer from Chicago who transferred to Paris then she tried to blend in but as a young American brilliant social media marketer who doesn’t speak french and obviously intimidated all of the Paris team and things didn’t work as expected at least for her. I loved everything about it from the outfits, to the story, also the Parisian Romantic vibe.

Whether you like her style or not Emily Cooper character played by Lily Collins has a very special taste I loved all of her outfits we saw mixing colors, color blocking, mixing prints, accessories, high end street styles, designer bags and shoes you see different trends perfectly put together of course when the costume designer is the one and only Patricia Field. I grew up watching tv series like Sex and the City, Gossip girl or movies like Devil wears Prada and as a stylist and a fashion blogger you have no idea how excited I was to finally find that TV show, and seriously I can’t wait for a second season!

Emily’s style is more or less another version of Carrie Bradshaw you can easily see this probably younger and less sophisticated, and definitely on point.

Down I listed some common Emily Cooper & Carrie Bradshaw looks!


Bold Colors

Mixing prints

Statement white dresses

Floral dresses

Mixing prints, colors and patterns

Now I’m sharing all of my favorite Emily Cooper looks

Shorts Suit & Bold Color Beret

Floral Dresses with a Pop of colors

Trendy Floral dress & Moto jacket with white Booties

The Right LBDs

All Black Everything

The casual Chic Elevated Basic look

Cropped Plaid Blazer &Statement White Blouse with denim

I hope you enjoyed my favorite looks, Carrie Bradshaw and Emily Cooper similar and different looks and if you didn’t see Emily in Paris this gives you and inspiration to watch the series this weekend I promise you will finish them in no time!

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