Dress code

Have you ever received an invitation only to be stumped by the dress code?!

What is a dress code?
A set of rules, often written, with regards to clothing. Dress codes are created out of social perceptions and norms, and vary based on purpose, environment, and occasions.
why is it important?
The major reason why dressing in proper is important for everyone specially professionals is because it presents a visual image and sends a message that you look professional and believe it or not been taken more serious.

Navigating the difference between different kinds of dress codes can be very confusing and tricky so Here is a guide to help you from the most to least formal dress codes, styles and where to wear.

White tie

Where to wear: Formal evening weddings and for some charity balls, red carpet events.
The most formal dress code and was popular before WW2 (World War 2) the 40s
Women: Floor-length formal gown and gloves; hair typically worn in an up-do.
Fine Jewelry and diamonds, and could wear gloves/
Men: Tuxedo (smoking) with a vest and white bow tie.

Black tie

Currently the most formal dress code

Where to wear: Proms, Galas, Red Carpets events and formal dinners.
Women: floor-length formal gown.
Men: suit with a black bow tie.

Lounge suit

Where to wear: Business events, both daytime and evening, and for many social events, such as lunches, receptions, dinner, weddings,

Women: formal gown probably below the knee.
Men: Suit with a tie.

Cocktail- Semi Formal

Where to wear: Holiday parties, weddings, receptions, class reunions, and anniversary celebrations.

Women: an above- or below the-knee dress is appropriate, or an evening pantsuit.
Men: suit, tie optional.

Business casual

Where to wear: Office events or event with friends or seminars.

Women: Pants or skirt Suits, LBDs withheels.

Men: Dark wash jeans, pants with blazer and no tie.

Smart casual

Wear to wear: Dinner events, work functions and more.

Women: There’s are no rules however it requires a degree of polish, such as a blazer or a chic blouse
even with jeans .Flats or heels are acceptable.

Men: Denims, or suit pants with a shirt or dressed-up T-shirt; no ties.


Where to wear: Weekends, travels, airport style, shopping,…

Women: Jeans, sneakers, tee,…

Men: jeans, sneakers, tee, shirts,…

Hope you found this helpful.

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