Style rules you need to know

Know and determine your body shape

Understanding your body shape helps with choosing clothes and style that matches best with your body proportions and enhances your looks for an even better-looking silhouette. Length and size do not determine your body type, the body parts do. You need to dig into these details by checking my post how to dress for your body shape

Rule of 1

The rule of 1 for a classy look in showing skin to either wear open tops or sexy bottoms, you of course can wear whatever you like but for that classy style you go with this rule.

And the rule of 1 for adding a color to elevate your style, you can add one bold color if you’re not so much into colors or you’re so afraid of wearing color blocks you can only start with one color and keep the rest of your outfit toned down

Basics to trends ratio

Timeless basic pieces are your wardrobe staples. Classic cuts never go out of fashion and can be worn and styled with almost anything. You should own like 80% basic pieces of your wardrobe, while the other 20% are trendy pieces. Adding trendy pieces to your wardrobe is a great way to keep your wardrobe up to date and stylish,. Just add 2-3 new trendy pieces every season, to style your basics and create more stylish and edgy outfits! You can check this post

Your style uniform

Everyone has a go to outfit or a style uniform Usually a basic outfit like white shirt and blue denim your favorite your jacket or blazer with your dark wash skinny jeans, a tee and boots that easy outfit you just grab and go and always look effortlessly put together, that you can also repeat without people noticing if you knew how to style and play with accessories, check how to wear outfits on repeat and how to accessorize basic outfits

You can always elevate your style uniform by adding a statement trendy piece like a statement white blouse or padded tee with blue jeans instead of the basic white shirt or tee to look more fashion forward. Check more tips to look more expensive and fashion forward

Take care of your clothes

I invest in my clothes and probably everyone does, so I like to take good care of them, I don’t dry clean them a lot, I don’t put them in the dryer especially the whites and the blacks I just wash them and hang them to dry sometimes I use a steamer and I use Downy a very gentle detergent and I love it’s smell.

Hope you found these tips helpful. Xx

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