How to find your personal style

A personal style is something unique and can define you it’s like your fashion fingerprint. It makes you feel so comfortable and confident wearing what you’re wearing no matter what people think. I love fashion since I was little and love to style my own dresses by mixing and matching, I used to cut my dresses myself ( which was something crazy to do and annoyed my mom so much) trying to restyle them to fit me more and since then I knew I have my own personal style knowing I still do it but thank god I have my tailor.

Personal style is about having a sense of yourself and what you believe in everyday~ Ralph Lauren

But how can you know your personal style, well for me it took me ages to finally realize it after years and years of following fashion trends and fashion girls, celebrity styles till understood what fits me and my style, here are main points to help you understand more your personal style.

1.know your Style icon

What inspires you when it comes to fashion, for me I love effortless everyday styles that can be worn everyday everywhere specially with denim and here I learned my style is casual chic, You have to have something related to a specific style you like more probably search style inspiration or outfit ideas, you can do a bit of research on Pinterest or Instagram to gather inspiration from their looks. I love Olivia Palermo’s style, Victoria Beckham and growing up was a huge fan of Jennifer Aniston~ Rachel Green’s style! You can check how to recreate your style icon’s style

Credits: Pinterest
Credits: Pinterest

2.Define it

Search the style you like, notice the outfit ideas you admire more focus on the outfits. describe the style of the looks. Are they sporty athleisure, casual, casual chic, boho chic, or dressy?

3. Picture your best looks and create a mood board

I like to take outfit shots of me and that helped me realizing what Style suits me best, pay attention to the days you look really good cause that could indicate your personal style!

4. Your Signature Piece

All it girls have their own signature items or two that becomes part of their style identity. Like Anna Wintor statement necklaces and sunglasses, I believe mine is great denim for more styles check my denim post and flattering dresses and probably hand accessories!

5. Items you own

Check the items you always love buying, like ballerinas, sneakers or ankle boots, these are the items you ’re always happy to wear and make you feel comfortable and they can define your style. I love dresses and jeans!

6.Your Favorite Colors and Prints

Are you into vibrant, metallics or nudes, what prints are you into florals or animal prints or neither? Which defines you best? All these details can give you an insight of your personal style, I always loved pink but it took my forever to realize that my favorite color is white maybe the last 10 years!

7. Style key strengths

Know your strengths, these things people compliment you on? Maybe the perfect cut, styling dresses like no one else, the ability to put together the perfect outfit, no matter what is currently trending.

Hope you find these tips helpful, I’m really interested to read your thoughts!

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