Ways To Style Your Long Chunky Cardigan

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear chunky cardigan.. Cozy and warm? Me too, but we need more reasons to love them, and some tips on how to wear them without looking sloppy.

There are many other good reasons to consider a long cardigan beside that they’re warm and cozy.

    They give an outfit more presence. You can play with layers and easily get that effortless style.

    • Perfect for traveling. It’s the ultimate airport style goals, or on a road trip, or train and you want something light, warm, and comfy, and a long cardigan is the beat choice as it’s not bulky as a quilted coats or parkas!
    • If you’re anything like me and always think these cardigans are an oversize knit = looking chubbier, I’m telling you a long cardigan can actually be very slimming and flattering

    Here are some ways to style the chunky long cardigan!

    With monochromatic colors

    And You can also wear one color top to bottom or it’s shades, including your shoes, and layering a lighter color cardigan, for a chic look that elongates your body .

    With denim

    No one can resist the denim on denim power look and adding a chunky sweater for a warm casual chic look.

    Basic colors with all denim colors under your chunky cardigan will give that basic effortless chic look.

    You can even reverse and wear a colorful chunky sweater to elevate your outfit with more attention.

    With dresses

    With all kinda of dresses shirt dress or sweater dress will look fabulous, not too dressy but still cute and on point.

    Add a belt

    Push up the sleeves, grab a belt, and wrap it around your waist to define your figure. No matter how chunky thick your cardigan is you can style it with a belt for a feminine casual look.

    With Heels

    With a culottes pants and heels for office or a night out will help balance the length and weight of a long cardigan and elongate your figure.

    If you can use the right piece with the right style you definitely can rock the long chunky cardigan. Let me know if these tips were inspiring and which style did you pick.

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