Work From Home Outfit Ideas

Hey lovelies, it’s Noha! As someone that is currently working from home, comfort is key. you need to dress your self for comfortable and for style too because you will be sitting all day working , so I’ve listed some to go outfits that are cozy but also effortlessly chic. There are about five to 7 outfit ideas I’ve been working with. While most are on the casual side, there’s also some that feel a bit more dressed upspecially the upper part that shows on those zoom meetings.

If you’re looking for a fresh WFH outfit idea, what’s coming your way may be of particular interest. Below, I’m showcasing comfy outfits as highlighted on myself and various fashion follows that also seem to wear the ensembles I’m into at the moment. Keep scrolling for more, along with a range of shopping picks as well.

Cardigan + Tee + Pants

This is one formula that just works thanks to its relaxed and cozy vibe.

Aside from the blazer look, cardigan and tee are the main easy to put on and look good pieces you need eto feel chic at home with the comfy turtleneck and play with different pants from jeans, leggings or sweats. More ideas to style cardigans here

Cardigan + turtleneck + sweat Pants or comfy mom jeans

Same thing but if you more cold you can add a turtle neck for a chic and warm feeling while sitting all day working

Blazer+ tee+ pants/ jeans

A blazer is a must when it comes to those zoom meetings for a good impression and a serious look, wear it with tee or a shirt with a relaxed mom jeans or any pants you feel like even if its your PJ pants as long as you’re not moving while our camera is on haha! Check interview outfit ideas to make a good impression

White shirt +blue denim

you can never go wrong with the easiest and effortless formula of the white shirt and blue jeans

Leggings outfits

Sweater + leggings or a tee with leggings as per your country weather will look good and make you feel comfortable while working and probably gives your the feeling of wo

Hope these outfits ideas gave you some ideas and insights

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