Latest Jeans 2021 Trends

As a denim lover I cannot ignore the latest denim trends, specially after talking about other trends in details- you can check my S/S Spring and Summer trends and colors posts. Denim is one of the most used and important everyday wardrobe staple and on every runway, from cropped culottes, vintage cuts and washes, flares and tapered denim.

If  you’re anything like me I wear denim almost everyday, even sometimes on night outs as you can easily dress it up or down, and there are so many flattering styles  and washes that helps with the styling process. Knowing that denim is one of the world’s most versatile styles and never goes out of style. As you as I always say when in doubt wear jeans and you can never go wrong with the right pair of jeans all these sayings  prove that denim pants is one very versatile and important staple in the wardrobe, you can use especially when we’re transitioning between seasons and you still don’t have much outfit ideas in your head, you can simply add a cardigan to the right pair and there you go or that colorful sweater with a dark wash jeans and sure you’re gonna turn heads!  There are so many ways to style denim during the fall and winter, so you might as well stock up on a few of the trends heading our way.

Below, you’ll find my seven favorite and must have denim trends for 2021. Specially if you live and breathe in jeans and looking forward to add a few new styles for your wardrobe, these denim trends are here to help you.

Vintage Straight Jeans

My current most favorite and go to jeans, so perfect for almost everyday and night outs. Also so flattering and just the perfect cut for me. I love to style them with white shit and a statement shoes and look effortlessly polished

Massimodutti jeans

Mom jeans

Still so trendy and cool, they look good on almost every woman.

American Eagle jeans

Flare jeans

For longer and slimmer legs this jeans style is your go to style.

Miss sixty Jeans

High-Rise & Wide-Leg

One of my current favorite jeans.This style of denim is perfect for pairing with blouses or cropped tops, it elongates the leg and gives that dressy elevated style.

Diesel jeans

Skinny jeans

Everyone loves a good skinny jean, don’t worry it’s not going anywhere, as we all have many many pairs of this style, Wear your favorite pair with an oversized sweater in the fall and knee length boots for an effortless look, turtleneck with a statement duster jacket in the winter.

Massimodutti jeans

Cropped culottes

While long jeans are in for 2021, so are short jeans cropped too. Whether it be jean cut-offs, denim bermuda shorts, which also are so trendy in this season, you can wear with boots in fall/winter for an elevated chic look

Balloon tapered denim aka slouchy

It took me a while to get used to this denim style, but then I found my perfect pair and I love it.” Roll up the tapered cuffs and wear them with sneakers, slippers or heels, also ankle boots when it gets colder.

Massimodutti jeans

Hope you enjoyed this post, you can also check my everyday denim post for more denim styles and ideas


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