How to look expensive

Hi loves! It’s Noha.. We all like to invest in our looks and look elevated and polished. But most of us think the struggle is real, well it’s not! Here are some styling tips to make your outfits look more expensive and more stylish

Combine basics and trendy pieces.

Timeless basic pieces are your wardrobe staples. Classic cuts never go out of fashion and can be worn and styled with almost anything. You should own like 80% basic pieces of your wardrobe, while the other 20 are trendy pieces. Adding trendy pieces to your wardrobe is a great way to keep your wardrobe up to date and stylish,. Just add 2-3 new trendy pieces every season, to style your basics and create more stylist and edgy outfits!

Johanna Ortiz X Hm puff shoulder top use my discount code O2734 for 10% discount on your online shopping HM Egypt
Trendy leather bermuda shorts with basic button down white shirt
Puff shoulder white shirt with basic blue pants

Play with different tops

There’s a simple rule or i call it styling tip I’ve been usuing since college and will make you look like having more outfits than you already do have, you simply need to have as many tops to mix and match with much less bottoms you have, even if you’re wearing different tops with the same exact bottom piece you’ll look like wearing many new and different outfits. It’s all about changing the tops and of course how you style the whole look!

Make it athleisure

Sporty style isn’t always sweats and sneakers. It’s one of the most practical and loved styles for a chic youthful and stylish look. Safari, military, and navy urban street styles also belong to this style family outfit. The plainer the fabric is and the more details it has (embellishments, stitches, sheer details, etc.).Sporty details and accessories make the whole outfit look young, dynamic, and full of positive energy.

Mix casual with formal.

One of the most amazing fashion trends is to combine formal outfits with casual, sometimes even sporty details. It means you can easily wear your statement earrings and party shoes with jeans and a Tee, jeans with tee and fitted blazer. A sequin or metallic skirt looks cute with sneakers, a dress with espadrilles, denim jacket with dresses and wedges. Knowing how to pull this style off is key to look expensive, young and on point!

Know your Seasonal color analysis

Wearing Wrong colors close to your face will accentuate and highlights or causes showing imperfections and features you’d rather conceal this is why you need to learn and know which season you belong to and wear from your color platte close to your face.

Season color analysis

Still have many other tips will be posting on my next blog post as a part 2, hope you find this helpful..

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