10 Outfit ideas to wear when you don’t know what to wear

At least every week’s dilemma ( if not everyday’s) specially when you’re rushing out and don’t have time to think, not in the mood to put together a cool outfit you keep starring at your closet wondering– what to wear thinking that you invested all of your money inside and you still feel like having nothing to wear, well I’ve been there too, thats why I love jeans And next best thing is always basics .

Your Style uniform or go to outfit

That favorite or easy put together outfit that you always grab and go looking effortlessly on point

Any kind of a black jacket ( Suede, bomber, leather)

A black jacket is something you should always have in your closet you wear it most of the time and it is always there for help.

Go simple with white tee, shirt or sweater

I always believe that white is always a good idea because it is! It’s basic, effortless and you can never go wrong with a white shirt or sweater, always something I’d grab specially when I dont have time to think, always my go to choice.

Denim Shirts

Now I’m sure when it comes to denim or white shirt you should know I’m in as they are the most important wardrobe staple I believe. One good thing I love about denim shirt is that you can style them up and down and they are amazing with everything.


I wear cardigans all year long- except for the hottest summer days of course- so I make sure I have at least the basic colors, though I have many colors as they are very handy and useful in my opinion. As I’m mainly listing options for cold weather I love cardigans over anything they help me get ready in no time.

Black on black

You can never go wrong with all black look, easy to break the look either with accessories or a cardigan, jacket or a colored coat, effortless, preppy and always on point! I’m wearing many all black different styles

Denim jackets

Same as cardigans are always a must have useful staple in your closet, and as a denim lover definitely will shoutout for denim jacket, you can style them the same way you style your denim shirt and rock every denim color and style


Basic sweaters are also a very important staple in my wardrobe. I have many of them, I love the piece that could easily go with every style as they help you decide easily what to wear specially in this situation when you actually have no idea!

Favorite Sweater

You might think I mean the same point as before but actually no, you definitely have a favorite sweater that you always grab not necessarily a basic one it fits perfectly with jeans and make you look effortlessly good.

On-repeat outfits

It’s not a shame to wear the same outfit twice or so but you can always style something differently to make you feel like a different outfit, like wearing a scarf or a statement necklace or earrings, wear a hat n no i or add a belt to your chunky knit or a sweater dress,.. etc you can check how I styled same outfit differently

Let me know if you think this was helpful

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