How to look expensive part 2

Hey loves, I’m back with part 2! Before I wrote about styling your outfits to look more sophisticated and expensive and here is part two, as there are so many details to talk about to transform your normal outfit into a more polished and expensive one

Mix Colors.

Color is the first thing people notice about your appearance, even before they pay attention to your body type and style choices. Using interesting and unexpected color combinations is the best way to change your style and make it more eye catchy and put together without spending too much money but there are tules to mixing colors and you should use the color wheel for help, you can check more details about wearing and mixing colors

Dress for your body shape

Understanding your body type helps with choosing clothes and your style too. That matches best with your body proportions) and enhances your looks for an even better-looking silhouette, and definitely when you know how to dress right for your figure and learn which parts to highlight will make you look more on point and elevated. You can check more details to help you understand how to dress for your body shape

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Monochrome outfits

Using the same color from head to toe is very chic you can do this by mixing different fabrics or the shades of the same color in the same outfit . Monochrome concept will make your outfit look more chic, expensive and also this flatters and elongate should your body

Wear more Jackets.

Jackets, coats and blazers effortlessly create a strong shoulder line, as a basic piece to layer and accessorize your outfit to elevate it for a simple expensive and stylish look.

No Wrinkles

One if the most important and very simple tip to look expensive never leave the house without ironing mor steaming your outfit, outfits with wrinkles look less expensive, tacky!

Natural Fabrics

Always try to wear more natural fabrics because the more your outfit fabrics are natural the more the outfit will look expensive, wear fabrics like cotton, linen, silk, cashmere, etc…


Forever a firm believer that accessorizing is key! You can always elevate and make your outfit look more sophisticated and expensive with the right accessories!

Try any of these tips and you’ll notice how your outfit looked changed and looked more sophisticated snd expensive! You can always send me or comment with all your suggestions or ideas, would love to read them!

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