How to wear and mix colors like a pro

Many people stick to basic colors like black, white, and gray and camel, because it’s always safe and you can never go wrong with these colors. But fear not! I’m helping you to master color mixing which is, the art of matching different hues in an outfit to help you stand out.


You can always start with one color, from head to toe, the easiest way to start with wearing a bold suit.

Using the help of the color wheel you can add more colors, start mixing colors with close hue that are nearly alike, so this outfit counts as monochrome too.

Metallic colors

Wearing metallic instead of basic colors make your outfit more interesting. Try matching your metallic piece with the same shade of color you’ll really make a statement

Top shop metallic skirt​, Maison 69 top
Top shop metallic skirt, Maison 69 top

Complementary Tones

Complementary colors are hues that are opposite each other using the color wheel as a very simple way to mix the colors.

Zara pants and Mango top

Analogous Tones

Again using the color wheel. Shades that are next to each other here are called analogous colors and they look great when styled together.

Hope this helped you understand how to wear and easily mix colors..

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