Fashion rules you should break

Since forever we’ve been following too many unreasonable fashion rules and some rules were made to be broken and it’s time to break some and enjoy styling our outfits freely.

Athleisure outfits can only be worn to the gym

Now we see the atheisure trend everywhere we go and the athleisure trend isn’t going anywhere.. They say!

In other words, yoga or gym pants and sneakers and can absolutely make a stylish outfit. It is so stylish to also feel comfortable and chic.. that’s exactly the Comfy chic style!

Athleisure is considered as a fashion industry movement, enabled by improved textile materials, which allow sportswear to be more versatile, comfortable, and in fashion!

You shouldn’t wear leather in the spring or summer.

For me as I live in a humid hot country ( Egypt) specially in Summer I hardly can stand the softest materials,

though I made a research and learned that it’s not the truth they say that Leather is a heavy material but this was proved wrong stating that they make leather shorts, leather crop tops and mini dresses! For me I can wear it in Spring, fall and winter but if you’re ok with it you can break the rule and wear it all the year long!

You can’t mix metals.

Mixing silver and gold is often frowned upon. 

This doesn’t just apply to silver and gold.

“You can mix all kinds of metals, white, yellow and rose gold too!

Brown and black – Navy and black don’t go together

Ok, you can as both colors are neutrals but for me I don’t like mixing both colors for the exact same reason that their neutral shade can be worn better with its own derivatives, but again feel free of you like to mix them.

Can’t wear white in winter, Winter whites!

This is the biggest no no rule for me, it’s my favorite color, I wear white all the year and I love it and will never stop wearing white for any reason.

“White is a beautiful neutral color and can be worn any time even to a wedding btw just make sure it’s not a wedding dress haha. White is a color that does magic on I believe all skin colors!

Black is For Winter

Then why did they design black swimsuits! Believe me if you picked the right material you can definitely wear black in the hottest summer days!

Your shoes and bag should always match.

No they shouldn’t! Why would I match my shoes and bag are they like twins or something, even twins can be fraternal and don’t have matching look haha! Feel free to wear them unmatched.

Short Women Shouldn’t Wear Long Skirts/ dresses

You can wear what you want and what you see flattering you look and fit, for me long skirts with high heels will elongate the figure which is also something you decide if you want as long as you’re comfortable with or not.

Tall women shouldn’t wear heels.

But why? Too much rules to be broken! I’m a tall woman and I wear heels all the time, are you telling tall women you shouldn’t have fun wearing the sexy heels you want? No, you can wear heels and they will look amazing on you.

Flats Should Be Worn With Casual Looks

Thank god for evening flats with details and embellishments, you definitely can dress up and wear flats.. especially if you’re going to a club or a wedding and gonna dance all night long! You definitely know what I mean!

Manolo Blahnik embellished flats


Should invest in your staples

I like to invest in staples and basics but I also like to shop from Zara, h&m.. etc, one thing I know is that more money is not necessarily the guarantee of receiving better quality. Educate yourself about how things are made and how best to take care of them, then you’ll see the real value of things, not just what they cost.


Denim on Denim is a Faux-Pas

I’m a denim lover and for me denim on denim has it’s charm, it’s like what white color represents to me that less is more factor. It’s denim power.

Don’t Mix Seasons

One of the most searched items on Pinterest is the slip skirt street style and I just posted how you can style it for fall/ winter .

You can also learn about the power of layering and play around with some of your favorite pieces from other season. Wearing your favorite summer flowing dress in winter with a chunky knit and boots could be your best look.


Great style can’t be learned. 

I agree to a certain point as everything can be learned but I also believe in the sense of style and colors and I believe that it’s some sort of a talent, but if you don’t have as much talent as someone else you can still learn as also Style is something you pick up as you go along. And just because it doesn’t come easy to you doesn’t mean you can’t master it.


Rules are made to be broken and there are definitely more rules but I picked the most known and weird for me, let me know what are the rules you break in fashion!

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