Essential summer vacation outfits

Hi loves, it’s Noha! Since Summer has finally arrived but with COVID-19 it seemed a little different, but so far things are getting better in my country and we’re finally able to travel again after almost a season quarantining at home, thankfully life has started to be slightly normal!

As it’s very hot in the city so everyone is traveling to their summer beach house either to spend the summer vacation with the family or work from their beach house, so what essential items you need in your summer vacation wardrobe?! If you’re anything like me, I always take a lot of bags and most of the items I take, I never wear, beside the makeup and accessories. So after a lot of hassle, I made a study then I listed the items I always use and the essential pieces you need with you on your summer/ beach vacation, you’ll thank me I promise.

If you’re going to spend a weekend or up to a week you can actually just pack these items if you’re spending more time you’re going to take more items under each category here are all the outfits you’re going to need in 10 categories. I actually made it very simple to guide you.

1- Swimsuits

make sure you’re grabbing the one piece with you in case your bloating or are you eat something and you’re not feeling your best shape, inside I find it very chic and elegant.

One piece nude Primark swimsuit
La Vie Est Belle bikini

2- Cover ups

Actually are use a lot of coverups but you can also take like two coverups, I use my long basic white button-down as a cover-up it’s very pretty, very timeless and effortless, and this kaftan is one of my favorite coverups it was from Victoria’s Secret and it’s very flattering. Also you can take your favorite beach dress or sundress and a kimono style it depends on where you’re headed or doing there ( great inspo to mix anf match still less items to pack)

Sfera White sundress/ beach cover up , white Stevemadden Kimono


Take all the hats you have because it’s it’s very cute and it’s also protecting from that extra direct sunlight, caps and bucket hats are so trendy this season.


I noticed I always pack a lot of bags and I only use one or two bags beside the beach bag which is a must, I now prefer something pretty and practical like woven bags classic ones for days or lunch with friends and another one with the gold chain details for night outs and parties, you’re not gonna need more than these bags I promise.


I like to take comfortable shoes so instead of high heels or stilettos I prefer now taking something like wedge sandals or any comfortable sandals, I also like to take flat sandals, slippers and flip-flops for the beach.


Just a couple of tops are essential on the vacation you can take as much as you can it’s OK it won’t take room but at least make sure you have tops you can dress up or down depending on where you’re going there.

-Casual basic top

6-Bottoms (Shorts or skirts )

You can take pants long or short skirts or high waisted shorts I personally prefer shorts more practical and flattering .


You never go wrong with the right LBD and grab another long summer dress in case you needed s different style

LBD ( Little Black Dress)
-long or casual dress

9-Jumpsuits or rompers

They are so practical, cute, dressy I love to take at least one romper with me when on a vacation

10-A jacket

Don’t forget to pack a jacket maybe A denim jacket or any cotton jacket with you as sometimes it gets cold at night, so just make sure you have something to keep you warm

11- Sleepwear

If you’re spending like a weekend or a couple of days can take one PJ especially that you’re not gonna spend so much time in the house, but if you’re spending a week or more you can take up to three PJs depending on how much time you’re spending in the house and of course don’t forget your towels and all the other stuff.

I’m only talking about outfits here, as the accessories and make up you can just have your makeup travel kit and about the accessories I say you go with whatever colorful and cool accessories you enjoy wearing in summer.

I hope this helped you and gave you a full image of what outfits you need to bring with you on your summer vacation and hope you enjoy your time there.

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