Styling workshops

My name is Noha Zahran. I’m a certified stylist from London college of style, Dubai Fashion Institute, and Style School.

My 2-day styling workshop.

Time: 7-9 pm Cairo time ( GMT+2)

Workshop content:

– Analysing & Styling Body Shapes & Physiques ( How to dress for your body shape)

Style Personality – How to assess, understand and find the style personality of yourself and others

– Colour Analysis

– How to wear and mix colors and prints

-How to Build your Personal Brand

Workshop registration & inquiries:

My instagram page:

Facebook group


  1. I highly recommend this course. I attended the last round and it was very beneficial and interesting. I got way more than expected out of it. Noha is really knowledgeable and she combines the taste, talent and education/knowledge together. She is really passionate about the topic and fashion in general and is very patient and keen that everyone understands and follows. She is also happy to answer any questions… Overall a great experience. Will definitely follow for other courses by her 🙂


  2. This course was so informative and it was a very nice experience. Noha was very helpful throughout this course, and I’m very glad that I took this course. She is an amazing teacher, and she got me even more interested in the fashion world because I was able to understand all the important things you need to know to be a part of this industry. Thank you for this awesome course Noha you’re the best!


  3. Great course and it suits eveybody; people who wants to persue a career in fashion or normal people who are interested to know which style suits them or are looking to change their style. I learned a lot of information that will really help me dress better and shop better. The course was informative and very interesting. Noha is a great instructor. She delivered a lot if topics in a very simple way. She showed us a lot of examples the helped us grasp the ideas better. I strongly recommend it and can’t wait to attend the next workshop.


  4. I’m always interested in fashion and I follow a lot of bloggers but I was lost and didn’t know what to do to look that good and style my outfits like them. I attended the workshop to understand everything about styling and learn about my own style personality and colors and different styles. It was amazing and Noha is really good and professional. So happy I took this workshop with her


  5. I wanted to take the workshop but wasn’t sure how to start or where to go, Noha is so helpful and guided us through the whole styling thing and she’s also very nice so glad I found her workshop and attended it, the timing of the workshop is perfect and the content is very rich and condensed seriously covering everything about styling. She is helping me till now after the workshop whenever I needed her. I received my certificate and loved it! Thanks Noha for everything


  6. I loved the workshop I took it online and was afraid It won’t be useful specially that I heard it has to be practical but Noha was very informative and gave us everything we needed to make sure we understood everything. I highly recommend her workshops and will definitely register for more workshops with her in the future! I loved my certificate so much thank you..


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