Styling Consultation and Wardrobe Management

My name is Noha Zahran. I’m a certified London college of style, Dubai Fashion Institute and Style School Fashion stylist & consultant.

Understanding the 80:20 wardrobe rule and why we only wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time.

Most of us have a huge number of clothes that we don’t wear in our wardrobes.

People tend to wear around 20% of their clothes 80% of the time because:

– They have items they don’t know how to style

– They are overwhelmed with trends and items they thought they would fit them

– They didn’t build a functional capsule wardrobe that have the basics they need to build and style their outfits .

– They do not know how to Mix & Match and style their outfits different ways.

I don’t know what to wear or I have nothing to wear !

We Always struggle with are either because you don’t know how to organize and detox your wardrobe, or closet and accordingly you don’t know what you have or need to help know how to style your daily outfits and emphasize your personal style.

Help you with styling services and provide wardrobe management, personal shopping services and style consultation for clients.

Wardrobe management and outfits arrangement

The purpose of this service to help you, either male or female, in creating an outstanding wardrobe that works for you and defines your style.

In order to help you and fulfill what you need, I will start with the Assessment Survey to understand everything about your body shape, skin color and style.

1. Body Analysis

– Fabrics, prints, styles, and colors that suit your body type

– Fashion patterns and fabrics that flatter your features 

– Tips & trips that will help you hide your body’s flaws and highlight its strength.

2. Color Analysis

– What colors, shades and palette suit you best in terms of clothes based on your skin, hair, and eye color

3. Style Analysis:

– Help you understand your personal style and What looks you should wear to reflect based on it

– What looks you should wear on different occasions according to your lifestyle

– Your favorite shopping destinations and brands

Understanding that will lead me to the wardrobe management :

– Find out what you own and what you need and is missing in your wardrobe

– Help you style your outfits different ways each pieces should style at least 3 different outfits

– Help you filter the pieces in the wardrobe and donate or give away the unwanted pieces that don’t serve your style and body shape

– Help you understand your size and fit

– How to take care of your clothes to live longer

– Give you tips and tricks regarding the right accessories to complement your different outfits

The deliverables from the styling service:

Understanding your personal style

– Build a wardrobe with items that works and functions for you reflecting your personal style and lifestyle

– know what colors suit your skin the best, makeup and your skin undertone + your color palette):

– understanding your body shape, fabrics and patterns that flatter your body

– Learn how to accessories depending on the outfit and occasion

– Learn how to style your outfits different ways ( sustainable styling)

– Learn to shop consciously for what you need not what you want

Help you get what you need and what is missing in your wardrobe or if you need something specific and don’t know how to wear or style it

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