Outfit ideas to wear on your birthday

Birthdays are special days celebrated/ spent with your favorite people with a good yummy cake and picking the right outfit/ dress, these bday outfits could be covered in sequins, made of silk, chiffon, satin or probably a vibrant color! Always remember it’s ok to look extra, because it’s your birthday!

If you’re like me and love to get dolled up on your birthday then this post will give you some ideas and inspirations, as I’m really excited to share some of my favorite birthday looks, specially that my birthday is in a couple of days!


You can never go wrong with a little black dress, sequin LBD is so perfect for birthdays as you know you can never be over dressed in a little black dress- even if you were, it’s your birthday anyway!

Floral dresses

I can never ignore floral dresses on my birthday specially that’s one of my favorite prints for a simple pretty and feminine look.

Vibrant and bold colors

Always remember you can choose the color you want and will make you feel pretty and happy on your birthday, first time to wear a red dress was on my birthday as I knew every woman has her own shade of red and I wanted to try that shade on my birthday.



For a bolder yet classy bd dinner look, metallic pleated skirt with a crop top will be perfect .


White is always a good idea.

White is my favorite color and I’m always happy in white, and as you know happy girls are the prettiest, so it’s always a good idea to choose a dress that will make you look the prettiest specially on your birthday.

Leather pants

Styling Leather pants is one of the best outfit idea for a night out specially if you’re celebrating your birthday, you will definitely look effortlessly stunning and will rock the birthday look in them.


Let me know what would you choose to wear on your birthday.. Happy birthday!

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