Re-creating your favorite Style Icon Looks

Style icon inspiration is to find your own style by getting inspired by your favorite celebrity style and is a simple way for everyone to find and learn about their own style.

If you read my blog post about how to find your style , this was an interesting one of the tips to help you find how you would like to dress and realize which style inspires you!

Actually I have more than one style icon, I love Victoria Beckham style so much and I noticed I don’t Only have the same pieces in my wardrobe but many time I create and style the exact same outfits without even noticing and here’s an interesting story (at least for me) that I’m actually very proud of ! Almost 3 years ago I posted an elevator selfie of me wearing a black blazer and a statement white blouse and right after I posted on my Instagram, I noticed that Victoria Beckham was wearing the exact same look while receiving her brand’s fashion award of the year, so I wrote that on my caption and few minutes after I Victoria Beckham engaged on my post, and people went crazy!!

My other style icon is Olivia Palermo,‏ I like how effortlessly she’s able to make any outfit look just perfect!

Here are some style ideas to consider if these outfits inspire you

White button down is always a good idea

Styling basics with a pop of color

Wear a button down shirts with skirts

Flare jeans to elongate your legs

Denim on denim


Hope you enjoyed it and found this interesting and helped you! Xx

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