How styling supports Sustainability

Hi Loves, it’s Noha!  I’m a stylist and a sustainable fashion blogger, I’m gonna stress on fashion values, meaning that everything concerning fashion should have a value I’m trying to make things simple as much as I can as I’m talking sustainable, ethical, slow or eco friendly fashion . Every definition relates to the same picture, thats  why we need to reassess and value fashion.

As a blogger I talk, share and work with sustainable fashion brands to spread awareness and promote their brands and message, as a stylist I share and give styling ideas and solutions to help you style your clothes (Sustainable styling), how to organize, manage and shop your own closet instead of the endless need of going shopping, this happens when know what you have in your closet and helping you understand your own style, sharing different styling ways to help you wear the same piece different ways which simply helps with reducing the consumption of the resources, as valuing your pieces and investing in the timeless pieces you actually need to own, you make your wardrobe work and function for you, as we have to change the way money is invested and spent and we have to shop brands whose values reflect our own.

Shop less wear more

Digging deeper

Around 50 million tons of clothing is discarded every year, artificial materials like polyester or nylon can also leach chemicals, and if they’re destroyed, they may become carcinogenic if that doesn’t scare you I don’t know what will. 

Beside the amount of time, energy, and resources that go into those trashed items is usually disproportionate to their quick turnaround, for example 1 cotton Tee may require up to 700 gallons of water and may travel across several countries during production imaging the cost, i believe that making things clear to everyone will lead to switching to sustainable fashion faster .

Just like learning the bad impact on the environment  of plastic bags we’re ditching now from our lives, and we should think about our clothes too, here are some questions I make when I decide to go shopping after deciding what I need, how will this piece work with my whole wardrobe, I think cost and worth by investing in the piece I’m picking as I want it to live long, then add these questions too, What will happen to this piece when I’m done with it? In the long term, this should change the way we shop, because we’ll only buy things we value and invest in. As we have to look at things consciously and understand that nothing actually goes ‘away’ when we’re done using it, there is no ‘away,’” its like when you’re cleaning your room and throwing away all the waste in another room, its not really gone, right!

“Cotton and polyester make up 90% of all clothing, and both fibers require huge amounts of resources. “Consumers throw away about 80% of their textiles directly in the trash

Fun fact the chicest and most expensive fabrics are natural like linen, cotton, silk etc, For all of the benefits of natural and organic cotton, hemp, linen, rayon, and so on, it’s almost always better to use what already exists so again stressing on investing in your pieces for your own health and for the environment.

Will get into details about how artifcial fabrics have a bad effect on own skin and health in my next blog.

Hopefully all fashion brands are working on finding a way to switch to sustainable by 2025, I think that will a be very healthy lifestyle “All of the products will have value in the future and will naturally come back into the system, a more sustainable fashion industry depends on using what exists, Cherishing and valuing all your garments, everything else in the closet would be an item we really need and love, with the intention of keeping for a long time, be it a timeless classic white shirt, a blazer or statement dress. Even if we got bored with something, it will be high-quality enough to resell on

Future generations will suffer lacking of resources due to our day to day consumerism ”

Stay tuned for more info and styling tips and ideas to support sustainable fashion.

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